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Prof. Roger Jelliffe MD, FCP, FAAPS
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Roger Jelliffe developed the first computer software for individualizing drug dosage regimens in 1967. He was the first to relate renal drug elimination to creatinine clearance. He developed the first method for estimating creatinine clearance when serum creatinine is changing. He founded the USC Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics in 1973, and the USC*PACK and more recent MM-USCPACK clinical software for individualizing drug dosage regimens most precisely.
His laboratory developed the Resource for Population Modeling at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, the nonparametric adaptive grid (NPAG) population modeling approach, and Multiple Model (MM) design of maximally precise dosage regimens. This is now the BestDose clinical and Pmetrics research software. We have developed four methods of Bayesian analysis for individual patients. This adds great capability and safety in managing unusual patients.

Dr. Jelliffe's interest is now in nonlinear PK/PD population modeling of multiple interacting drug systems, optimally coordinated combination MM dosage regimens for patients, and in methods using the dose itself as an active partner to learn about the patient optimally while having to treat him/her at the same time.
He is author or co-author of 132 peer reviewed publications, has mentored over 100 visiting scientific scholars, 1 sabbatical scholar, 2 Master's Students, 3 Ph.D candidates, and 3 mini-sabbaticals.
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